We provide intensive cancer chemotherapy regimens to male adult inpatients and expertise in managing subsequent side effects. We aim to deliver this with compassion and care to both patients and their families. We have extensive knowledge and manage many difficult and complicated discharges. We also provide excellent end of life and palliative care for patients and their families and carers. Our aim is to provide our patients with the best possible inpatient care in a comfortable and caring environment while providing staff with a supportive and education rich workplace.

cn3.jpgHello, this is my first Charge Nurse position having worked in a number of cancer care trusts in the UK. The ward has a good reputation for patient care and staff development and I’m looking forward to exploring new ways to further improve this. This is an acute ward where patients can become very sick very quickly. Our priority is to use our nursing expertise to detect problems early and treat them rapidly. With this in mind my philosophy of ward leadership is that we will always give a better standard of care when we work as a team and there is no I in team!  Michael - Charge Nurse.

What our staff say

‘Since joining the trust as a student in 2011 I wanted to work in the Oncology Department. The support and guidance the Trust offers has always been second to none and as one of the major teaching hospitals in London, provides a wide variety of opportunity for all staff members. I personally strived to work within Oncology as I was witness to its incredible team members and the high level of care delivered throughout the department’. Harley. Staff Nurse.