We provide chemotherapy and immunotherapy to patients in a daycare setting. We treat about 70 patients a day and need to balance efficiency with a friendly and caring approach. We are often the main regular points of contact for patients in the service so we are always vigilant in our assessment of patients.

cn6.jpgHello, my name is Tom. I have been the Senior Charge Nurse on Chemotherapy and Ambulatory Care at UCLH for almost three years. I oversee the running of both units with a particular focus on improving treatment pathways and systems and ensuring our nursing focuses on the needs and experience of patients. My philosophy of leadership is to test ideas, trust your instincts, not fear failure and empower the team to solve problems. This philosophy is unpinned by the belief that the needs of the patient come first.  Tom - Senior Nurse

What our nurses say...

Hello, I’ve been on the ward for 18 months and love it here. I’ve come from an A&E background and wanted to move into haematology/oncology nursing as it’s a great mix of caring for acutely unwell patients as well as long term cases. Sometimes the work can be challenging as you get to know patients and their families but the team here are really supportive. I’m developing expert skills in IV therapy and have recently completed in-house chemotherapy training. I couldn’t recommend a move to UCLH cancer centre enough! Corrie, Staff Nurse.