There is a whole team of people who work as part of the clinic. You may see one or more of them at your appointment, depending on what your needs are, what the needs of your family or carers are and what the person who originally referred you said in their referring letter.

You may also meet other outpatient staff in the clinic including the clinic nurses, receptionists, patient transport officer, pharmacists, and phlebotomist (the person who takes blood samples). ind out more about outpatients at The NHNN.

We will discuss your management in the team after your appointment.

The amount of time you spend in clinic will depend on who you see and what issues you need to discuss. A new patient appointment with one of the Consultant Neurologists takes 45-60 minutes and a new patient appointment with the Neuropsychiatrist or Consultant Geneticist can take 1 to 2 hours. You then may need to see one of the Huntington’s Disease Association Care Advisors and/or the Genetic Nurse.

You are very welcome to bring a family member, friend, carer, or health/social care professional such as a social worker or community nurse to your appointment for support.

This depends on your preference, and your clinician’s advice. If you are started on a new medication in clinic, we may need to see you again sooner to check how the medication is working. We can also book a telephone or video appointment in between appointments if you would like to discuss something.

You can e-mail us, or contact the nurse telephone line, please see contact details tab. Please leave your name and contact details and we will endeavour to contact you within three days.

We also offer video clinic appointments routinely now if you would prefer this.