Due to the current pandemic UCLH have been unable to provide face to face diabetes school training since March 2020. 

In preparation for children and young people returning to school, UCLH CYP diabetes team have developed online, virtual training for schools. 

The training will include a series of videos, to be watched online, an assessment and a virtual Q&A session via Microsoft Teams. We anticipate that, in total, the training will take approximately 4 hours plus 45 minutes Q&A. We ask that the training and assessment is completed before the Q&A session.

The Q&A sessions are being held for both Insulin Pumps and MDI (multiple daily injection) and schools will need to register for the correct session. There are morning and afternoon sessions on the 10th, 11th and 17th of September. Schools will only be required to attend one session. 

We are asking schools to register via Eventbrite for the Q&A session. Once registered, access to the virtual training and assessment will be provided in the coming weeks. 

Please register on eventbrite 

Kind Regards 
UCLH CYP Diabetes Team