The Proton Beam Therapy centre is located in the Grafton Way Building. It is spread across basement levels 3 and 4. See below to find out more about the equipment and facilities we have in the centre


On entering the centre on Basement level 3, there is a reception area where you can check into your clinic. The reception team is also be based in this area, to assist you with any questions you may have, either about your treatment or staying in London. From here you would be directed to either the adult waiting area or the children’s lounge (also located on Basement level 3).


Basement level 4 houses an adult waiting area, a children’s lounge, and a teenage and young adult lounge. These are where you will wait for either your planning scan appointments or your daily treatment. Here you will find members of the reception team ready to welcome you to the centre and to check you in for your scans or treatment.


The adult waiting area has a refreshment bay where you can make hot drinks. You will be collected from the waiting areas by one of our team. You will be asked to get changed in changing areas located next to the scanners and the treatment machines.

More information about the children's, and teenage and young adult service.

We have a pre-treatment suite, located on basement level 4, comprised of Phillips CT and MRI scanners. This is where you or your child will have the scans required in order to plan your treatment. In this area we will also create any immobilisation devices you may require for your treatment, which will help you to stay in the correct position.



We have four Varian ProBeam™ gantries used to deliver proton beam therapy. Each gantry delivers the same treatment. All gantries are located on basement level 4.



A dedicated anaesthetics suite is situated on basement level 4 for young patients who require a general anaesthetic for the delivery of proton beam therapy. The suite consists of induction rooms and recovery areas.




The Macmillan Living Room is situated on the basement level 3. This area is designed to provide access to a quiet contemplative space, but also an area you may meet other patients, families and their carers within the centre. You may of course choose to wait here for your treatment or while your child, friend, family member has their treatment.

The Living Room comprises a number of areas:

  • Refreshment bay
  • Large sociable dining table
  • Smaller sociable spaces
  • A quiet space
  • Information area where written information is located as well as equipment to allow you to access information electronically.





UCLH also works with Proton International London to offer PBT treatment to private patients.