The maternity and neonatal services invite you to attend a service of remembrance.

All staff and families who have experienced the death of a baby are warmly welcome.

Whitefield Memorial American Church
79a Tottenham Court Road


The Perinatal Loss Psychological Service was established in the Women's Health Division of UCLH to offer psychotherapeutic intervention for women receiving ante-natal and post-natal care at UCLH, their partners, and their children in the event of perinatal loss from 14 weeks gestation until birth.

Losing your baby is a trauma for the family.

Pregnancy and the experience of a new baby is usually a happy time. The loss of a baby is always shocking. It can be traumatic and painful for many people. It can often bring confusing and conflicting feelings. It very often brings feelings of guilt, anger, and feelings of shame. It can be difficult to find someone to talk to openly about how you feel. It can even be hard to find words for these feelings. This can lead to a sense of isolation and even depression.  In the case of multiple pregnancy, it can bring complicated feelings if a twin dies, whether naturally or due to fetal anomaly, and the other(s) survive. This can lead to particular difficulties in relating to and bonding with the surviving child.

The distress is felt not only by the mother, but also by partner and other members of the family. It can also be painful and confusing for siblings, and parents may find it difficult to find a way to explain what has happened to them or even to put these feelings into words and to find someone to support them.

Help with talking to your child

If you already have a child, it can be difficult to find words to explain what has happened to the pregnancy. The children may have been preparing themselves for a little brother or sister in the family. The psychotherapist, can also help you to think about these things.

Conditions treated

Perinatal Loss: trauma, stress, anxiety,  grief, confusion and depression related to perinatal loss both for the mother and the couple, including loss of one twin during pregnancy. Anxiety during pregnancy due to previous loss or still birth. Intrauterine death, neonatal death, loss of one twin during pregnancy.

Patient support services

All conditions are supported by midwives and obstetricians. Close family can also access psychological support.

Referral address

Lola Daranijoh
Antenatal Medical Secretary
2nd floor North Wing
250 Euston Road, NW1 2PG