There are epilepsy specialist nurses working between NHNN and Sir William Gowers centre in Chalfont.

  • Michael Sabijon
  • Rebecca Wong
  • Jonathan Hart 
  • Francis (Junior) Nyeko 

They offer a telephone/email advice line service for problems or queries which arise between appointments in clinic. They also see people in clinic where they can advise on treatment and also offer support in relation to some of the other issues that may arise such as employment, safety, benefits and others. They also advise on the use of rescue medication such as buccal midazolam.

The epilepsy nurses also undertake vagal nerve stimulator (VNS) clinics at NHNN and Sir William Gowers centre. At these clinics, VNS settings are adjusted to find the optimal level of stimulation on an individualised basis.

The Epilepsy Specialist Nurses can be reached on 020 3448 8627 and

This is not an emergency line. The epilepsy nurses work Monday to Friday 9 - 17.

Please avoid using this service to obtain urgent medical advice. In an emergency, you should contact your GP, or attend your nearest A&E Department by ambulance if necessary.

When to call the Epilepsy specialist nurse's line:

  • If you experience a worsening in your seizure control
  • If you experience adverse effects related to your epilepsy medications
  • If you have concerns about your epilepsy or its treatment that cannot wait until your next appointment
  • If you want advice on other issues related to your epilepsy

For appointments, please ring the secretaries' numbers or the bookings team at 0203 4484 777