The Royal National ENT Voice Centre is a national and international multidisciplinary centre for voice disorders. The voice clinic at the RNENT is one of the oldest in the UK. 

Nationally, we run the highest number of clinics per week, with two to three times the national average of patients seen per clinic. We see voice problems of all types, ranging from subtle performance issues to vocal fold paralysis and cancer. 

The team includes four surgeons, eight speech therapists, a specialist technician and specialist nurses. The majority of cases referred to the clinic have already been seen at other centres and are referred for expert second opinion and management. 

Voice disorders (e.g. hoarseness, lost voice or discomfort on speaking) are common. One in 25 of the general population, and one in five teachers in the 'frontline' of voice use, will suffer some form of voice problem. It is estimated the cost of voice disorders to the British economy is £200 million a year. 

Everyone needs a voice, in order to both work and play, including children, 20% of whom will have problems with their voice, and older people who, if they cannot be heard, risk social isolation. These factors, among others, have led to the voice becoming recognised as an important speciality within ENT in both the UK and in Europe. 

The voice clinic specialises in disorders of the professional voice (e.g. singers, actors, barristers), voice disorders related to hormonal problems, asthma, allergy and excessive stomach acid, and neurologically-related voice disorders. 

The voice clinic is actively involved in teaching, audit and research. The clinic is actively involved in an MSc in Performing Arts Medicine. Much pioneering work in voice disorders has come out of the voice clinic at the RNENT. Mr John Rubin, Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon, and Dr Ruth Epstein, Consultant Speech and Language Therapist, are past presidents of the British Voice Association. Professor Martin Birchall is a past president of the British Laryngological Association. 

Other referral information

GPs can refer to ENT via NHS e-Referral Service (ERS) on 020 3447 9393.

Referral address

47-49 Huntley Street

Most clinics are at The Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals on the UCLH campus. 
The Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals
47-49 Huntley Street
London WC1E 6DG

UCLH switchboard: 020 3456 2300