Using Attend Anywhere for video clinics

You and your clinician are able to communicate over a secure online video system called Attend Anywhere.

What do I need to make an Attend Anywhere video call?

  • Your appointment letter with the Attend Anywhere waiting area link and name. The link is also available in your MyCare UCLH account if you have one.
  • A device (phone, tablet, laptop or PC) with a Chrome, Edge or Safari web browser, with a camera and a microphone connected
  • A strong internet connection - use your home Wi-Fi to avoid using mobile data allowance
  • If this is the first time you are attending a video clinic, you should attempt a test call at least a day in advance by clicking the Test callbutton.
  • If you need some technical support with a test call before your clinic, our volunteer Tech Buddies are here to help. Please email them at

At the time of your appointment

  • Access the link in your appointment letter or click on the correct waiting area below and then ‘Start Video Call’.
  • Follow the prompts to check your device is set up properly.
  • Enter your first name, last name, date of birth and phone number so we can identify you. Click ‘submit' to enter a waiting area.
  • Please wait for a clinician to greet you. Occasionally there might be a delay and your appointment might not run at the planned time. This might be because the clinician needs to spend a little longer with another patient. When this happens the clinician/admin staff will aim to send you a message via the application – this is not always possible.

Waiting area URLs

Click on the correct waiting area URLs to test your equipment or start your video clinic. This should match your appointment letter.

Waiting area


National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Cleveland Street – Pain Management Centre

University College Hospital

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing (EGA)

Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine

Camden MSK

Hatter Cardiovascular Institute

Institute of Sport Exercise and Health

MacMillan Cancer Centre

Mortimer Market

Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital

Westmoreland Street (UCH at WMS)

Other things to think about before your video clinic appointment

  1. At the end of your video clinic, your clinician may suggest a further appointment or other decisions about laboratory tests or medicines. Any alternative arrangements will be discussed with you in your video clinic.
  2. Following your appointment, we will send a letter with the outcome of the clinic to you and to your GP.
  3. Video calls are free, except for any internet usage. A video call uses a similar amount of data to a Skype or FaceTime call (roughly 500 MB for 20 minutes). We recommend that patients connect to Wi-Fi to avoid using their mobile data allowance.
  4. Read more in our guidance leaflet

Is Attend Anywhere secure?

Attend Anywhere video calls are secure. Patients have their own digital video room that only authorised clinicians can enter. The video platform will not take a recording of your clinic. Personal details entered at the start of video clinic will be deleted at the end of the call.

Further support and information

If you are experiencing any issues, you can read our leaflet or view the Attend Anywhere website support pages and poster.