Publish date: 24 May 2021

The Macmillan Support and Information Service is launching an online physical activity group challenge next month. It's for University College London Hospital patients who are affected by cancer or a blood condition.

We understand that being physically active can be tough for people going through or recovering from treatment. So, we hope this course will help to motivate people to be more active. Being active can help people to manage side effects and improve their health and wellbeing. 

During the course, the group will get tips to increase activity levels safely. The fun part is the fitness challenge. The group will set a fitness challenge to complete by the end of the course. The challenge can be done in different ways such as walking, cycling or swimming. The group members will support and encourage each other to complete the challenge. 

The course is for people at any stage, from diagnosis onwards. It’s set up to enable people of different abilities to work together.  The group will meet online, for one hour each week, for six weeks. It starts on 16 June at 11am. The challenge will be completed in the group’s own time. A support and information specialist and a physiotherapy assistant will facilitate the group. 

If you’d like to find out more about the course, or would like to register, speak to a support and information specialist. You can contact them by phone on 020 3447 3816, by email at or by dropping into the Support and Information Service, located on the ground floor of the Macmillan Cancer Centre.