Skin prick testing is done by the allergy nurse during the clinic appointment.

A play specialist will distract your child during the test to make the experience as stress free as possible. A small drop of oil containing the allergens or food samples are placed on your child’s forearm or back. Each drop is scratched with a lancet (usually not painful). The excess oil drops or food is then wiped off and the area examined 20 minutes later for itchy bumps on the skin. These are then measured by the nurse and interpreted by the allergy doctor. The test takes on average 30 minutes to complete and is well tolerated. If skin tests are not possible or give confusing results a blood allergy test may also be required.

Following tests, advice will be given on avoidance of allergy provoking factors and an individualised allergy management plan provided. If indicated, the allergy nurses may provide specific education on how to manage your child’s allergies and training on how to use adrenalin autoinjectors or inhalers with spacer devices and provide additional literature and resources.

In the case of food allergies this may involve our allergy specialist dietician.