A community, not just a charity

The Friends of UCLH have been supporting UCLH for many years and, before that, supported the hospitals which came together to form UCLH.

We fund ‘extras’ – things that the NHS doesn’t provide or can’t afford. Extras can be for patients or staff or both. We have investments which give us a small income. We fundraise as well because there are more demands on us than our income will cover. You can find our accounts on the Charity Commission website.

We were especially active through the coronavirus pandemic. We bought kitchen equipment and furniture for staff rooms, supported patient shopping with the hospital volunteers for patients unable to have visitors, and bought online yoga, exercise and relaxation classes for staff. We even bought two electric bikes for staff to get Covid swabs quickly from Westmoreland Street to the Tower lab for testing, and to speed up journeys from site to site for key surgical staff. Our biggest spending was on fleeces to keep staff warm, over 3000, all embroidered with a first name and team name. 


This has been alongside a £30k per annum grant to support UCLH’s arts and heritage work and regular funding for the Exemplar Ward programme. In the three years 2019/20-2021/22, the Friends made grants totalling about £430k.

Whether you’ve been treated at UCLH yourself or just know someone who’s been cared for here, think about joining the Friends. A donation can be any size, one-off or regular. Whatever you like - the ‘donate online’ button lets you choose. Or you could simply send a cheque to Friends of UCLH, c/o UCLH Charity, 5th Floor East, 250 Euston Road, London NW1 2PG – ideally with a Gift Aid declaration as well.

The donate online button also asks you for contact details so that we can keep you in touch with what we’re doing with your donations. We’ll send you a quarterly newsletter and an invitation to our AGM to hear about our plans. That’s why we like to think of the Friends as a community, not just a charity.