All our CNSs are experienced in neurosurgical and oncology care. Once you have been diagnosed with a brain tumour you will have access to a clinical nurse specialist or a support worker attached to that team.

They will support you through this time and help navigate you through the journey which is known as a brain tumour pathway. Throughout your pathway they will be a single point of contact for you and your family should you have questions about your diagnosis, issues with your condition or queries about your medication. They will also be able to provide you with information (written and verbal) about your diagnosis and treatment. They will also be able to offer you advice and support or direct you to other support agencies. The CNS works closely with your team and can be contacted outside of your clinic appointments.

The CNS service can provide support with many aspects of living with a brain tumour such as physical, emotional, social and financial needs.

Your CNS may use a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA). This is a process designed to enable you to share information with your team which is important to the treatment and care you receive. You do not have to have a HNA but many people find it opens up discussions with their team about their concerns which may not be otherwise raised.

If you feel a HNA would be helpful please talk to your CNS.

Orla qualified as a registered nurse in 1993 and has worked in many specialist areas of neurosciences since 1993. She has experience as a ward sister for 7 years looking after a variety of patients with brain and spinal issues. She has specialised as a clinical nurse specialist in both benign and malignant brain tumours since 2008.

"I enjoy working within a multidisciplinary team who focus on the complex needs of this group of patients."

Eileen qualified as a nurse nearly 30 years ago. She has spent most of her career working in either neurosciences or oncology and her current role is a combination of these two specialist experiences. She has worked as a Macmillan nurse for over ten years and at the NHNN at Queen Square for the last three years. Eileen works mainly with patients who are having radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy for the management a brain tumour.

“I see my role as a constant point of contact and support for patients and their families in an often complex health care system.”

Jane qualified in 2004 starting her career in neurosurgery. She became a nurse specialist at the Royal Free Hospital in 2007 supporting patients with both benign and malignant brain tumours. In 2009 her role developed to focus primarily on patients with high grade gliomas, supporting them through their radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In 2011 the neuro-oncology service at the Royal Free Hospital merged with the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at UCLH and Jane has been working here since.

"My role focuses in supporting and navigating both patients and their families throughout their treatment pathway."

Nichola is one of the few skull base clinical nurse specialists in the country. She is heavily involved with the skull base service at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, and act as a point of contact providing specialist information for patients with skull base tumours.

Nichola’s background is in neuro-intensive care which has provided her with invaluable neuroscience knowledge and skills. Her role includes endeavouring to meet all patients with a suspected brain tumour who are admitted for surgery at Queens Square.

“I provide support for these patients and their families through what can be a very difficult and uncertain time.”

Michelle has been a qualified nurse and worked at Queen Square for 15 years. She has extensive experience with patients with neurological and neurosurgical problems and has worked exclusively with neurosurgical spinal and base of skull patients for the past three years.

Michelle delivers comprehensive, expert nursing care and advice to patients undergoing complex spinal surgery and endoscopic base of skull procedures. She is particularly involved in the care of patients with base of skull cancers, and patients with a spinal cord injury. In addition, Michelle is heavily involved in teaching and advising other healthcare professional in the treatment of patients with complex spinal needs.

"My priority is to provide continuity to patients and their families throughout their treatment"

Jacqueline is an advanced nurse practitioner and has worked with spinal patients for the past 25 years, the last ten at Queen Square. She has extensive experience and expertise in caring for patients with a wide range of spinal conditions including spinal cord injury, spinal deformity, spinal infection, primary spinal tumours and metastatic spinal tumours.

Jacqueline is an integral member of the complex surgical spinal team and provides specialist care and support for patients with complicated spinal problems. She works mainly with patients undergoing emergency and elective spinal procedures and provides support to patients, their families and other health care professionals within the inpatient and outpatient settings.

"I believe it is my responsibility to ensure that my team and I provide the best possible care to my patients"