Where will you have your baby?

Having a baby is generally very safe for the majority of women in the UK, which is why it is important that you are offered a choice of where to have your baby. At UCLH we offer the following choices in place of birth:

•    at home (home birth)
•    a midwife led unit (such as The Birthing Centre)
•    an obstetric unit (such as Labour Ward)
•    private births - caesarean sections and vaginal deliveries (Fitzrovia Suite)

At your first visit to UCLH your midwife will discuss these birth place options with you and recommend a place of birth. They will have considered your previous pregnancy and medical history and your preference of where you would like to have your baby.

If there are no problems you will be given the option of having your baby at home or in our midwifery led Birthing Centre. If your midwife or doctor thinks you need additional care, you will be advised to have your baby on our Labour Ward, where you will have access to the full range of obstetric, anaesthetic and midwifery care.

If you find it difficult to choose where to have your baby you can delay deciding until late in pregnancy. If you are considering a home birth, please discuss this with your midwife early in your pregnancy so that we can coordinate your care with the appropriate community midwife team. If you live in an area where a different hospital provides the home birth service we could help you to transfer care to them.

  • To help you fully understand the differences between these choices in relation to your own personal circumstances ask your midwife or doctor to explain the benefits, risks and alternatives of place of birth as they apply to you and your baby.
  • It is important that you choose a place to have your baby which makes you feel safe, comfortable and in control of your choices - these factors can make a difference to your overall birth experience.

In addition to discussions with your midwife or doctor, you may find the following links useful in helping you decide: