The snoring and sleep disorders clinic offers:

  • Out-patient consultation including flexible endoscopy to assess upper airway collapse. Multidisciplinary team involvement for planning treatment.
  • Investigations:
  • Home sleep studies,
  • Sleep assessments (sleep actigraphy and sleep diaries)
  • Hospital-based full polysomnography(AASM standard).
  • Further detailed assessment of the upper airway in the dynamic mode is performed using sleep nasendoscopy (drug-induced sleep).

  • Surgical and non-surgical are available including nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), nasal septal surgery and surgery to soft palate and tongue using laser and radiofrequency thermotherapy. Transoral robotic surgery for CPAP failures where midline glossectomy and or epiglottic wedge resection can be performed. Patients may be referred to an orthodontist for mandibular advancement splints. Sleep improvement programme and cognitive behavioural therapy for sleep disturbance and insomnia.
  • A consultant led CPAP support service which provides continued long-term care for CPAP patients and complex CPAP patients.

Other contact information

Patient enquiries for rescheduling outpatients appointments

Telephone: 020 3447 9393

Patient enquiries for sleep study and CPAP patients

Telephone: 020 3456 5230
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Snoring and sleep disorder clinic
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