Ambulatory Care looks after patients receiving cancer treatment regimes, but instead of staying in the hospital, they stay at a 4-star hotel nearby and they can choose to have a family member or friend stay with them. The key part of our service is attention to detail when we assess our patients to make sure they are safe to continue staying at the hotel. Patients are free to enjoy the streets of London as long as they feel well while also receiving treatment.

cn7.jpgI’ve been a haematology nurse for over 6 years and am new to Ambulatory Care after being Sister on one of our oncology wards. I’m really enjoying working in Ambulatory Care and am proud to be part of an innovative service that has led this concept in the UK. My idea of good leadership is to try and empower staff to feel like a leader themselves by involving them in decisions and the running of the unit. Our patients are our priority and their safety is our key concern. I also believe in having some fun at work, so aim to make sure both patients and nurses have a smile when they leave."  Diane - Unit Sister

What our nurses say...

Hi, I have worked in the cancer centre for almost 3 years. I started in the Supportive Care unit before rotating to Chemotherapy and Ambulatory care where I am now. I was new to haematology/oncology when I started here having been in A&E previously and I have never regretted the move. The staff here are excellent and you are always supported. The fact that it’s a rotational post means it never gets boring. Since being here I have completed my degree, had in house chemotherapy training and attended a haemato-oncology course, so there are plenty of learning opportunities and development is always encouraged! Emma. Staff Nurse