The Institute of Nuclear Medicine (INM), based within UCLH, provides a full range of procedures to the Trust and other hospitals throughout the UK.

Performing approximately 15,000 patient studies each year, we are the largest single-site nuclear medicine unit in the UK, and one of a few able to offer both the full range of diagnostic, laboratory and therapy nuclear medicine procedures, and PET/CT services within a single department.

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Nuclear medicine
University College Hospital
5th Floor Tower 
235 Euston Road 
London, NW1 2BU

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Institute of Nuclear Medicine
5th Floor Tower
University College Hospital
235 Euston Road
London NW1 2BU

We offer the following studies/tests/services:

  • Diagnostic – A PET/CT service, including routine clinical 18-F FDG PET/CT imaging in oncology, neuro-psychiatry, infection/inflammation and  cardiovascular imaging, 64-slice PET/CT and 16-slice PET/CT systems; joined by PET/MR in early 2012 - the first in the UK. Clinical imaging with 68-Ga DOTATATE, 18-fluoride, 18-F choline and 18-F FDOPA are also performed. 
  • We also offer state-of-the-art myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging using a novel dedicated cardiac solid-state, ultra-fast system and SPECT/CT technology with fully diagnostic quality CT protocols for a range of procedures including oncological, orthopaedic and endocrine indications, backed by a fully comprehensive inpatient and outpatient diagnostic imaging service. This includes DaTSCAN dopamine transporter imaging in movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and general scanning for thyroid and parathyroid, VQ lung ventilation and perfusion, MUGA ventricular function, renal, GI and bone scanning.  Sentinel lymph node detection is also offered for a range of cancers.
  • Bone mineral densitometry – utilising a state-of-the-art fan beam DEXA instrument.
  • Laboratory-based tests  - a full range of non-imaging laboratory tests including GFR, red cell mass and SeHCAT (for bile salt malabsorption) investigations.
  • Radionuclide therapy – inpatient and outpatient procedures for both adult and paediatric patients, including 131-I therapy for thyrotoxicosis, 131-I mlBG and 177-Lu-DOTATATE for neuroblastoma and neuroendocrine tumours, 90Y antibody therapy for haematological malignancies and bone pain palliation using 186-Re HEDP or 89-Strontium.

What to expect when having a PET/MRI scan

What to expect when having a PET/CT scan