Warning alert

Please note, there is currently a national shortage of the pre-exposure Rabies vaccine as well as the vaccines for Cholera and Japanese Encephalitis. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to receive the vaccine in your appointment but will continue to provide pre-travel advice to ensure your safety.

We are still able to provide the Rabies vaccine post-exposure in our emergency walk-in clinic.

Department of Travel Medicine and Travel Clinic

Travel is an important part of our lives. UK residents make ten of millions of visits overseas each year.

At the Hospital for Tropical Diseases we believe that whether your trip is for work, holiday or to visit loved ones you should be able to travel with up to date, clear and comprehensive pre-travel advice.

Complex travel medicine 

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Organisational screening

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Post tropical screening

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If you require our travel clinic services, but are not eligible for NHS care, we also offer a private service

HTD also offers travel related products (e.g. mosquito repellents and bed nets) that you can purchase at your appoinment.  

You can see prices for these products along with charges for vaccines, the cost of which is not covered by the NHS (see price list).