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Patient notification - natural language processing of histopathology reports

This research project involves the analysis of large numbers of de-identified pathology reports.

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The department is regarded as one of best diagnostic and academic departments in London and the UK. It houses more than 30 experienced consultant pathologists (including one CRUK senior clinical fellow/honorary consultant), working in speciality teams, well known in their areas of interest.

The department receives referral work and second opinions (haematopathology, gastrointestinal, urology, gynaecological pathology among others) from all over the UK and abroad, in view of the high quality diagnostic service provided and our access to immunohistochemistry and molecular techniques. The department also benefits from a full complement of junior doctors and several experienced clinical fellows.

Our consultants are members of leading pathology and research organisations such as:

  • British Society of Gastroenterology (Research and Pathology Committees)
  • British Division of the International Academy of Pathology
  • NHS – Bowel cancer Screening Programme (National Pathology Committee & Expert Board)
  • NIHR – Molecular Pathology Initiative (CM-Path): Clinical Trials group
  • Specialist advisors to NICE and NIHR Health and Technology Assessment (HTA)
  • Clinical Endoscopic Guidelines Group (London)
  • Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnerships (GeCIP): Colorectal and Upper GI Cancer
  • Senior authors in the Royal College of Pathologists’ Standards and Datasets for Histopathology Reporting on Cancers and Tissue Pathways
  • Public Health England – Screening Services (London): Cervical and colorectal cancers
  • Cancer Vanguard – UCLH designated pilot site for Lung cancer screening
  • We are leaders in delivering new diagnostic tests and actively involved in break-through translational research projects, some examples
  • TRACER-X: study in lung cancer looking at the evolution of cancer over the course of the disease
  • Immuno-check mediators (PD-L1) and MMR (mismatch repair proteins) testing to predict response to immunotherapy in patients with specific type of cancers
  • Referral centre for the diagnosis and management of patients with Barrett’s oesophagus (premalignant condition of the oesophagus). Our pathologists are involved in several national and international studies leading the field in this area with implementation of new biomarkers in prognosis and treatment.
  • NeuroSAFE: extensive/deep analysis of margins (frozen section) in radical prostatectomies to reduce the toxicity of surgery (eg impotence, incontinence…) in young patients.
  • Digital pathology: Development of 3D models in tumour analysis and microenvironment.
  • Multiplex immunohistochemistry to detect multiple proteins (ie T-cell subsets) in tumour sections providing vital information regarding the interaction between tumour cells and their microenvironment

Other contact information

Clinical lead - Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo

Head of operations - Gary Brown
Tel: 020 3912 0350


Cellular Pathology Office
2nd Floor North
60 Whitfield Street
London W1T 4EU

Other referral information

Access to patient results

Access to results is via EPIC for UCLH personnel only. Results for GPs and other external organisations are posted or emailed.

Tertiary referrals

Referrals for expert opinion are received from throughout the UK and also overseas. As a cancer centre for the North London Cancer Network, we also routinely receive referrals from all hospitals within this sector.

Referral address

Cellular Pathology Department
General Office, 2nd Floor North
60 Whitfield Street
London W1T 4EU