Professional background

Dr Sian Hughes is a consultant pathologist at UCLH and an honorary associate professor at University College London (UCL). She has trained and worked in several of the major London teaching hospitals.

Dr Hughes graduated in medicine in 1989 from King's College Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry (London) and completed an MSc in experimental pathology with Distinction at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (London) before undertaking her PhD at United Medical and Dental Schools (UMDS, London) in molecular biology investigating the role of growth factors in cardiovascular disease.

Dr Hughes trained in pathology at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital (London) and undertook her training in dermatopathology at the internationally recognised St John's Institute of Dermatology. Dr Hughes was a clinical senior lecturer/honorary consultant in cardiovascular pathology at St George's Hospital Medical School (London) prior to her appointment at UCLH in 2002.

Dr Hughes provides essential cancer diagnostic services for dermatopathology as well as the reporting of inflammatory dermatoses and skin biopsies with an infectious aetiology from the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. In addition, to her clinical and academic practice, Dr Hughes is involved with the teaching and training of doctors pursuing a career in pathology, acting as an educational supervisor. She also takes an active role in mentoring and teaching the next generation of doctors: Dr Hughes is a personal tutor for UCL and provides lectures in cardiac disease to undergraduate MBBS students.

Research interests

Dr Hughes' main clinical and research interests are dermatopathology and cardiac pathology. She has published both book chapters and peer reviewed articles in the fields of cardiac and skin disease. Sian has also reviewed 'Atherosclerosis' for the NHS A-Z of Treatments providing up to date and accurate information for the public.


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