We provide a specialist service for the assessment and treatment of sarcoidosis as part of the interstitial lung disease (ILD) service at UCLH. We provide holistic multidisciplinary care, with a weekly consultant-led outpatient clinic and clinical nurse specialist support.

We liaise closely with diagnostic services, including nuclear medicine (positron emission tomography [PET scanning]), comprehensive bronchoscopy and radiology services, and the respiratory physiology unit. We work closely with other specialties at UCLH and in other trusts to provide joint care of patients with non-pulmonary sarcoidosis (e.g. cardiology, neurological and eye involvement).

Service management

Other contact information

Nursing team (Clinical advice) – 07961 221 848 


The ILD/Sarcoidosis Service at UCLH
Respiratory Medicine
3rd Floor Central
250 Euston Road

Patients with sarcoidosis are supported by ILD clinical nurse specialists and have access to specialist psychologist and physiotherapist services. All patients have access to online information via our charity, Breathing Matters.