Orthodontics is concerned with the growth and development of the teeth, jaws and face; including the correction of dental and facial abnormalities.

Orthodontic management involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of abnormalities in these areas to produce healthy, functional bite; creating greater resistance to disease and improving dentofacial appearance. 

The orthodontic service provided within the EDH setting varies significantly from that provided within the primary care setting either in specialist practice, community or general practice. The department focuses on providing advice to a range of practitioners including specialist practitioners and undertakes treatment of patients with integrated treatment needs.  

The department also has a high number of multidisciplinary clinics with other specialties. Patients are seen for assessment and diagnosis, treatment, advice and second opinion and treatment if they fall into the listed categories below:

Other contact information

General Manager: Sophie Mandel - Adult and Paeds Dentistry - s.mandel@nhs.net  
Assistant General Manager: Marianna Campisova - Growth and Development (this includes Paeds and Orthodontics) - marianna.campisova@nhs.net 


Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospitals
47-49 Huntley Street

GP contact

Other referral information

Referrals made must, in addition to the standard information, contain:

  • Salient features of the malocclusion
  • History of previous orthodontic treatment
  • Recent relevant radiographs where available

Criteria for Acceptance for Treatment

  • Interceptive treatment to prevent or limit the extent of a developing malocclusion. 
  • Growth modification
  • Severe or complex malocclusion
  • Multidisciplinary treatment
  • Moderate complexity occlusion for specialist training purposes 

Referrals are accepted on the basis of patients having good oral hygiene and no primary dental disease. Patients presenting with mild malocclusion for treatment on aesthetic grounds and those already undergoing orthodontic treatment started elsewhere eg specialist practice, whether started in this country or abroad will not be normally accepted.

Referral address

Royal National ENT and Eastman Dental Hospital Division
250 Euston Road

Orthodontic treatment is provided for severe and complex malocclusions and those requiring multidisciplinary treatment. Ten general diagnostic clinics are held each week, as well as the following multidisciplinary clinics: 

  • Craniofacial 
  • Hypodontia
  • Orthodontic-Paedodontic
  • Orthodontic-Periodontal
  • Orthodontic-Restorative
  • Orthognathic

25,000 patients are seen annually, of whom approximately 2,000 are new patients.