I am a uniquely qualified specialist global public health physician with a focus on healthcare economics, forensic medicine, public health medicine, infectious disease , aviation medicine, epidemiology, global strategy and diplomacy, HIV prevention and sexual health. I  have experience in AFRO, SEARO, WPRO, EMRO, EURO ,PAHO  regions and countries in emerging economies, fragile, conflict and post-conflict states, small island states on projects on behalf of the national governments, advocacy organizations and trade associations. I would like to contribute to UCLH's global health portfolio by establishing collaborative efforts between UCLH and small island states to drive ambitious agendas towards effective health security mandates. My portfolio is global but my base is London.

As governor I would leverage my experience and skills :

  1. To encourage further collaboration between Universities and UCLH to better serve our communities and use innovation as a method to combating future pandemics and apply lessons learnt from COVID-19.
  2. I would like strengthen the community's voice for inclusion in national debates towards dealing with future pandemics and to foster greater collaboration
  3. I would hope to focus attention on the infectious diseases such as Ebola, Marburgh, Lassa, MERS-COV, SARS,NIPAH,ZIKA,Crimean-Congo Heamorrhagic fever,Rift Valley and Monkey Pox,  that I think can cause the next pandemic and further strengthen UCLH's reputation as a global leader.
  4. To ensure the highest standards of healthcare delivery and corporate governance to help formulate effective policy to practice transition mechanisms.