I am a uniquely qualified specialist global public health physician. Over 10 years of experience with the WHO, PHAC, NHS, NIH, CDC, and Global Ministries of Health, LATAM and CARICOM in healthcare economics, public health medicine, infectious disease, aviation medicine, epidemiology, global strategy and diplomacy, HIV prevention and sexual health. My portfolio is global but my base is Bloomsbury. Currently a fellow of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy My background is an intersectional collaboration of strategy and diplomacy based on a framework of transferable skills in the areas of global health, law, management, politics, governance, and journalism. 

As Governor I would leverage my experience and skills to :

  1. Ensure the highest standards of healthcare delivery and corporate governance
  2. Drive an ambitious agenda of community inclusion to foster greater collaboration
  3. Promote strategy that ensures effective health security provisions for all
  4. Formulate effective policy to practice transition mechanisms 

In my spare time I am a freelance journalist as well as an avid aviation geek.