Taking care of yourself before and during cancer treatment can make a big difference to your wellbeing. It can help to reduce treatment side effects and make you feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. It can also help you to feel more in control of what's happening.

Some things that can help you to cope with your treatment are eating well, staying active and taking care of your mental health. We have included some resources on this page to support you in these areas.

We understand that making these changes might feel like a lot, especially when you're dealing with the impact of cancer. But you don't have to do it alone. If you need help or support, we're here for you. Contact a support and information specialist who can support you to manage your treatment well.

If you're about to start or have just started cancer treatment at UCLH, join our Managing your wellbeing workshop. You’ll learn about managing your emotions, eating well, being active, and coping with fatigue during treatment. The workshop is led by two support and information specialists who can answer any questions you may have about coping with treatment.

The workshop is held online on Wednesdays from 10am to 11.30am. To book your place, email uclh.supportandinformation@nhs.net. Include your name, hospital number and that you want to join the 'Manage your wellbeing' workshop.

These information sheets cover the information and advice given at the workshop:

If you can’t attend a workshop, you can get the same advice form a support and information specialist in person or over the phone. Call 020 3447 3816 to book an appointment to discuss how you can take care of yourself during cancer treatment.

Visit our health and wellbeing resources web page for a directory of organisations offering advice, information and support to help you to cope with emotional and physical impact of cancer and its treatment.

The Macmillan videos cover the following topics:

  • what prehab is
  • eating well
  • staying active
  • taking care of your mental health
  • moderating alcohol
  • stopping smoking.

Macmillan have a range of booklets with advice to support you during your cancer treatment:

Your cancer pathway support guide was developed by North Central London Cancer Alliance to help people in England through cancer diagnosis, treatment and follow on care. It contains questions you may think about asking your healthcare team, and answers and signposting to helpful and supportive information.

Chemotherapy at UCLH Videos

These videos give advice on having chemotherapy at UCLH: