We currently have five Respiratory Nurses Specialists. The team lead is Louise Beitverda.

They provide an inpatient and outpatient service.

Inpatient work includes reviewing patients in A&E, the acute admissions unit and the medical wards with a view to discharging patients promptly and effectively.  They liaise closely with community services to ensure a streamlined service between primary and secondary care. The Respiratory Nurses Specialist support the non-invasive ventilation (NIV) service and provide staff training on machines.

Outpatient work includes asthma and COPD clinics alongside rapid access clinics (with the aim of preventing admissions). The Respiratory Nurses provide the home oxygen service, and run an oxygen assessment clinic. They also provide an Interstitial lung disease (ILD) service for patients who need drug monitoring and support with various pharmacological treatments.

Patients can contact the Respiratory Nurse Specialists for telephone advice in addition to seeing them in clinic.