The chaplains are a multi-faith team available to provide pastoral and spiritual care and support to patients, their visitors and staff of all faiths and none, within all parts of the UCLH NHS Trust. We are here to listen and provide a compassionate source of support to all. We can visit on the ward and make arrangements to meet with those who require our services on a 1-1 basis. Some of the ways we can offer support are:

  • Listening to and supporting patients and staff
  • Prayers for healing and recovery, and responding to questions on faith, culture and healthcare
  • We will never preach to others and we know that “the patient is the host”
  • We welcome staff who would like our assistance and confidential support, particularly due to the challenging times that we now live in.
  • Blessings for newborn babies and marriages
  • Support for pregnancy loss

Peter Harries
Lead Chaplain
Telephone: 0203 447 3007 ext 73007

Patients who belong to a Faith community may require religious and spiritual support. For all faiths this can mean prayer, reading from a holy book, listening, advice, end of life support, and funeral arrangements. For Christians this can include the Sacraments (E.g. the Sacrament of the Sick, Holy Communion, etc).

Chaplains visit wards and departments regularly. The Church of England, Roman Catholic and Free Churches Chaplains provide 24-hour emergency cover (including all public holidays). There is also an on-call Imam Chaplain who can provide assistance to Muslim patients and visitors. Our Jewish chaplains are available most days except over Sabbath and festivals.

The below areas are usually open at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) for private prayer and quiet contemplation.

The Chaplaincy Offices and Headquarters is based here in The Chaplaincy on the Ground floor of the Podium. If no one is in the office and you wish to leave a message, please push it under the door and one of our chaplains will be in touch or alternatively phone and leave a message.
There is a Christian Chapel, a Muslim Prayer room, a Jewish Sabbath room, and a Quiet room. The Quiet room holds a baby memorial book, in which bereaved parents can arrange to add their baby’s name.

The services held here are:

  • Catholic Mass
    Sunday at 9.45am
    Monday to Thursday at 1.30pm
    Fridays 12.30pm (British Summer Time), and 12.15pm (Winter Time).
  • Anglican Eucharist
    Wednesdays at 12.30pm and Sundays at 10.30am
  • Christian Prayer Meeting in the Chapel
    Thursdays at 12.30pm – 1pm.
  • Friday Jumu’ah Prayer - Khutbah
    1.25pm weekly (British Summer Time) and at 1pm weekly (Winter Time).
  • A new Mindfulness session for staff and their visitors in the Quiet room
    Wednesdays at 1pm – 1.25pm.
  • A new Buddhist Meditation session for staff, patients and their visitors in the Quiet room
    Tuesdays at 1pm – 1.25pm.

The Chapel is on the Ground floor of the Albany Wing and those of all faiths and none are welcome to use it. Visitors are welcome to light candles with a small donation, sit quietly, and use the multi-faith/quiet space for prayer and contemplation. There are no services here.

The multi-faith room is opposite the main reception and is open 24/7 to people of all faiths and none for prayer and quiet.