Our gynaecology diagnostic and outpatient treatment unit includes an Emergency Pregnancy Clinic, a General Gynaecology Clinic and a basic diagnostic scanning service to GPs.

In addition we have an outpatient procedure room where we carry out outpatient procedures, such as: Hysteroscopy, Evacuation of Retained Products of Conception (ERPCs) and other minor procedures

Service management

Other contact information

Emergency pregnancy clinic
Monday – Friday 9am - 12pm and 2pm - 3pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am -12:30pm (patients must attend A&E first)
Christmas Eve and New year’s Eve: 9am – 1.30pm


Gynaecology Diagnostic and Treatment Unit
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Wing
Clinic 3,
Lower Ground floor
235 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BU

This service is for:

  • Pregnant women with pain or/and bleeding in early pregnancy up to 13 weeks and 6 days
  • Pregnant women with high risk of an ectopic pregnancy

The emergency sessions runs in a similar way to Accident & Emergency and is open Monday to Friday with a limited weekend service (weekend sessions are available through A&E referral only). The unit is a self-referral walk-in clinic for syptomatic patients. If you are pregnant and worried about anything please attend the unit.

The system runs on a first come first served basis but priority will be given to those who are seriously unwell. Please be aware that the clinic is often busy and there are sometimes long waits.

If you are pregnant and start to have pain and/or bleeding at the weekend or on a bank holiday, please go straight to Accident & Emergency.

Our General gynaecology service offers an initial consultation and diagnostic test in one visit. An ultrasound scan can also be carried out simultaneously if required, enabling treatment plan to be drawn up immediately.

This service is for:

  • Women with ovarian cysts
  • Women bleeding after menopause
  • Women with longstanding non-urgent gynaecological problems, i.e. period problems etc
  • Women with urgent gynaecological cancer referrals

 The GP gynaecology ultrasound service is a "scan only" appointment for patients who are deemed fit by their GPs, who wish to manage their own patients. This is a sonographer-led service. All referral forms are triaged by medical staff therefore the clinical information should be clearly stated on the form.

What to expect at your appointment?

The clinican will call you into the clinic room and ask you about the problems you have experienced that led to you being referred to the clinic. The clinician will then usually examine you. This may involve feeling your abdomen, doing an internal examination and possibly scanning you internally through the vagina. The results of the scan will be explained to you following examination and a plan of treatment and/or further investigations, including surgery if necessary, will be agreed by you and the doctor. We will also send a report to your GP and results of bloods, smears and endometrial biopsies will be sent to your GP once they are available.

The scan

This is an internal scan and is less uncomfortable than a smear test. The scan is performed by inserting the tip of a round edged probe into the vagina. By doing an internal scan the doctor obtains a clear picture of your pelvic organs and will discuss the findings with you. The scan is done with an empty bladder but please let staff know if you have never had sexual intercourse as we will then need you to fill you bladder.

  • 12,000 clinic appointments per annum
  • 11 per cent of general gynaecology patients have a subsequent follow-up appointment.

We do not provide community care but do offer continuing care depending on patient and service requirements.