Professional background

Professor Davor Jurkovic is a professor of gynaecology and director of the gynaecology diagnostic and outpatient treatment unit at University College Hospital, London. He is an internationally recognised expert in gynaecological and early pregnancy ultrasound. He has published extensively on these topics and has edited five books. He has helped to develop and run the RCOG training programmes in gynaecological ultrasound, acute gynaecology and early pregnancy. He is also a founding member of the educational charity Focus on Gynaecology. In 2020 he was awarded Ian Donald Gold Medal by the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology for his contribution to the advancement of diagnostic ultrasound through research and innovation.

Research interests

Early pregancy complications, ultrasound in gynaecology, benign gyanecological conditions, diagnosis of uterine and ovarian cancer

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