UCLH has over 15 years’ experience as a leading centre for the treatment of pelvic mesh complications and mesh removal. 

The London Complex Mesh Centre (LCMC) was set up in 2021 in response to NHS England’s call for the provision of care for women experiencing complications after pelvic mesh insertion for urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse in a multi-disciplinary setting. It is one of several regional centres across England, which has been set up to ensure women receive specialist, multi-disciplinary and holistic care in the treatment of their mesh complications. 

The scope of the service is to cover the management of all pelvic mesh complications, outlined in the NHS England specification, with the engagement of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT). This includes surgeons, specialist nurses, imaging specialists, pain management specialists, physiotherapists, psychologists and anaesthetists.

We recognise that every woman is different and thus every stage of patient treatment is determined by a team of experts working closely together to provide individualised care.

The first step is to be referred into the service. Each referral is then triaged, assessed, and if accepted will be managed by our wide multi-disciplinary team consisting of clinical, admin and management staff.

The other specialised mesh centres appointed by NHS England include: 

  • Cambridge University Hospital NHS FT 
  • Manchester University NHS FT 
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT 
  • Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust  
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS FT 
  • University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • University Hospital Southampton NHS FT 
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS FT  

Each specialist centre will treat women with complex mesh for a geographical region local to them. 

Service management

  • Helen Light

Other contact information

Clinical lead

Miss Tamsin Greenwell



London Complex Mesh Centre
2nd floor North Wing
250 Euston Road

Other referral information

We accept GP and tertiary referrals to the London Complex Mesh Centre. To make a referral, please download and complete this form including as much information as possible regarding the patient’s clinical history and current symptoms. Please send the completed referral forms to uclh.referrals.uclh_lcmc@nhs.net.

If you have any questions about submitting a referral ahead of sending the referral form, please email uclh.enquiries.uclh_lcmc@nhs.net.


MRI protocol documents for healthcare providers  

Please refer to the MRI protocol documents (sacrocolpopexy, sacrohysteropexy or rectopexy mesh) and TVT, TOT and urethral mesh to support local imaging for mesh ahead of sending patient referrals.