COVID-19 precautions

Our recommendations for attending your Neuroradiology appointment at NHNN have changed slightly in light of new governmental COVID-19 guidance and precautions. Please see below.

Please follow the instructions in your appointment letter.  

When you arrive at NHNN for your appointment you will be greeted at the main reception (entrance 1) by security. Clinical staff may ask to take your temperature and ask you some questions to ensure you do not currently have any COVID-19 symptoms.

If you are on a green patient pathway then you will be asked to present at a different entrance (33 Queen Square). We will contact you the day before your appointment by phone with further instructions. If you have not yet received these instructions and have been told you are a green patient then please contact us on 020 3448 3103/3440 or 020 3448 3441.

To reduce the risk of infection we are minimising the number of people attending the hospital therefore you may not be able to have anyone accompany you to your appointment. Patients, such as those with learning difficulties or dementia, are permitted to bring a carer with them to the hospital. If you have any concerns, please consult our visitor information on our website or speak with your clinical team.

It is very important that you follow these steps, for your own health and the health of hospital staff and other patients, please ensure:

  • You must let us know if you think you have symptoms including a high temperature, new continuous cough, or loss or change in your sense of smell or taste.
  • If possible, please wear a face covering or mask from when you leave your house until you arrive at the department. You may also be asked to wear a face mask for the period of your treatment or stay.
  • You should follow social distancing rules when at the hospital and make every effort to stay at least 2m from other patients and staff during your stay.

Read our general COVID guidance for patients.

Pregnant patients for radiological exams

If you think you may be or are confirmed to be pregnant, please contact us before attending for your appointment. We may not proceed with your exam, depending on the urgency of this exam and the present stage of your pregnancy.


All patients are recommended to wear soft, comfortable clothing for their exam. Please avoid wearing jewellery or metallic artefacts on your clothing, where possible. This will reduce the need for you to remove them on the day. The department provides secure lockers to store away any valuables during your exam.

Attending with young children

Patients who have young children are advised to make prior arrangements for their care during the appointment, as the Neuroradiology department cannot provide childminding facilities.