Rob joined the board as a non-executive director on 1 November 2021. He was an associate non-executive director from 14 October 2020 to 31 October 2021. Rob lives in Islington. He was the Chief Executive of Kirklees in West Yorkshire until 2010 and then the Secretary of State’s appointee as chief executive to lead an intervention at Doncaster Council, then in special measures.

He left Doncaster at the end of 2011 and has since been:

  • a NED on the board of the Department of Communities and Local Government
  • adviser to the Department of Health, and then PHE, over the implementation of the Lansley Act
  • lead chief executive for a number of engagements with local authorities recovering from critical reports
    deputy chair of a Mental Health Trust
  • chair of local cultural organisations
  • a regional coordinator for the COVID Contain strategy

He is currently:

  • a NED and Audit Chair for the Whittington Health Trust
  • an Electoral Commissioner

Declaration of interests:

  • Non-executive director and Audit Chair at Whittington Health Trust
  • Electoral commissioner
  • Interim chief executive, Electoral Commission