We provide routine histopathological diagnoses using both standard techniques and advanced diagnostics including immunocytochemistry, fluoresent in-situ hybridisation (FISH), and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Electron microscopy can be arranged at The Royal Free Hospital. 

Many of our consultant histopathologists are acknowledged authorities in their fields, some on an international level.

Conditions treated

We provide histopathological reports which will indicate a treatment regime to the responsible clinician but we do not actually treat patients. We differentiate between malignancy and non-malignancy and characterise the malignant tumours to allow the most appropriate therapy to be selected. 

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Clinical Lead -  Dr Manuel Rodriguez-Justo
Email: manuel.rodriguez@nhs.net


Cellular pathology - histopathology
60 Whitfield Street

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Access to patient results

Access to results is via the CDR for UCLH personnel only. Results for GPs and other external organisations are posted or faxed.

Tertiary referrals

Referrals for expert opinion are received from throughout the UK and also overseas. As a cancer centre for the North London Cancer Network, we also routinely receive referrals from all hospitals within this sector.

Referral address

Department of Cellular Pathology
UCL Medical School
Rockefeller Building
21 University Street
London WC1E 6DE