Professional background

Current post: Consultant pathologist (urological pathology)

Current positions: Education Secretary and Council member; British Association of Urological Pathologists
Member of EAU/ ESU Working Group
"Imaging, Focal, Uropathology" HSL/UCL research Innovations Committee

Prior to taking up a consultant post at UCLH, Dr Aiman Haider undertook “Marcel Levi’ research fellowship funded by Prostate Cancer UK centre of excellence award and UCLH charitable funds to provide the pathology role to many collaborative uro oncology, andrology translational research projects and interventional clinical trials including the 100K Genome Project, PRECISION, PRIME, NeuroSAFE, Histo-MRI.

Research interests

  • Urological lesions
  • Prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Penile and testicular cancer

Languages spoken

English, Urdu, Hindi


January 2024 (Most recent;

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