UCLH recently became the designated specialist centre for the treatment of head and neck cancer for the people of north and east London and west Essex. This means that patients will continue to have some of their cancer treatment at their local hospital, but may be seen at UCLH for surgery or other specialist treatment.

We work closely with local hospitals, GPs and other community services to ensure a smooth transfer of your care between different hospitals.

Highly specialised services

We are one of the largest head and neck centres in England bringing together clinicians from many specialities including, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Head and Neck Oncology services. As well as specialist nursing, anaesthetic and rehabilitation services. Some of the specialist services include:

  • Reconstructive surgery – we offer a range of surgical procedures for reconstruction following cancer treatment to restore appearance and function.
  • Pre-cancer screening – we use the latest diagnostic techniques to help detect early signs of cancer. We also screen for and treat conditions that could eventually turn into cancer.
  • Minimally-invasive tumour resection - minimally invasive surgery is used when possible to remove tumours that are located near important areas. This allows patients to recover more quickly than they would with traditional, open surgery.
  • Sarcoma of the head and neck – we provide surgical treatment for The London Head and Neck Sarcoma Service including major cases of skull base surgery.
  • Clinical trials – we have a range of clinical trials available to our patients, pioneering new treatment approaches.
  • Proton beam therapy - a new clinical facility is being built that will make UCLH one of only two NHS proton beam therapy (PBT) centres in the UK. Proton beam therapy will be used to treat a variety of head and neck cancers.

Other contact information

For urgent GP advice telephone 020 3456 7890 and ask for the on-call SHO or SpR for the speciality.

Contact pathway coordinators

Pathway Coordinator (Mr Kalavrezos, Mr Liew, Ms Sinha)

Charmaine Adeyemi

E-mail: charmaine.adeyemi1@nhs.net

Tel: 0203 447 2159

Fax: 0203 447 9855


Pathway Coordinator (Mr Stimpson, Mr Vaz, Mr Hughes and Mr Dwivedi)

Kunji Patel

E-mail: kunji.patel@nhs.net

Tel: 0203 447 2149

Fax: 0203 447 9855


Pathway Coordinator (Mr Sahovaler, Mr Farrow, Mr Ghufoor, Mr Alusi, Ms Ali, Mr Virk, Mr Ahmed)

Suneetha James

E-mail: suneetha.james@nhs.net

Tel: 0203 447 2374

Fax: 0203 447 9855

Contact the booking officer

Booking Officer (Head & Neck Dietitians and Speech & Language Therapists)

Siggy Da Silva

Tel: 0203 447 9755

Contact Head & Neck/Thyroid MDT Coordinator

MDT Coordinator Head & Neck

Martina Hakkak

Email: martina.hakkak@nhs.net

Tel: 0203 447 2148

Fax: 0203 447 9855

MDT Assistant

Robert Silvester

E-mail: robertsilvester@nhs.net​​​​​​​

Tel: 0203 447 2489


Head and Neck Centre
University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre
Outpatient Clinic:
Head and Neck Outpatient Clinic
Huntley Street
London, WC1E 6AG
University College Hospital
Inpatient Stay:
Head and Neck Ward T6
6th Floor
235 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BU

Other referral information

NHS e-Referral Service (formerly Choose and Book referrals) – non cancer

Referral contact address:

UCH Referrals Centre
University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Ground Floor North
250 Euston Road
London NW1 2PG

Tel: 0203 456 7020

Fax: 0203 447 9254

Non cancer referrals (GP, dentist and tertiary)

Head and Neck Centre
University College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 
Ground Floor Central
250 Euston Road
London NW1 2PG

Telephone: 0203 447 2159 / 0203 447 2149 / 0203 447 2374

Fax: 0203 447 9855

Suspected cancer (2-week wait) referrals

The Head and Neck Centre has a number of clinics available for urgent suspected cancer referrals for both Maxillofacial and ENT conditions.

These include rapid access and one-stop clinics available by referral only.

To refer a patient please download the ‘Suspected head and neck cancer’ form and send to:

Email: uclh.2ww@nhs.net

Please note - For acoustic neuroma / cholesteatoma and tinnitus referrals please refer directly to the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital (RNTNEH). The University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre does NOT have on site audiology and otology services. These are provided at the RNTNEH.