Professional background

Dr Mendes is a consultant clinical oncologist specialising in the delivery of radiotherapy, including proton radiotherapy, and chemotherapy in head and neck cancer patients, working closely with the head and neck surgical team and the Eastman Dental Hospital.

Her oncological training was at the Royal Marsden Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.

Her main interest is in technical radiotherapy and was the lead for implementing IMRT and stereotactic radiotherapy at UCLH.

She lectures internationally on head and neck cancer and is involved with post graduate education. She has been an examiner for the Royal College of Radiologists and is a supervisor for head and neck AHP prescribing.

Research interests

Dr Mendes participates in departmental research activity and has been a principal investigator on several national head and neck trials and well as contributing to projects within the local network.

She has recently collaborated with Google Deepmind on the head and neck anatomical study.

Her research thesis was on the development of vaccines in cancer.


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