The Department of Clinical Microbiology delivers a full range of clinical microbiological investigations including routine bacterial culture and antibiotic sensitivity testing, mycology culture, Chlamydia testing, mycobacterial culture, serology and antibiotic assays, environmental testing and detection of MRSA and other antimicrobial-resistant organisms. Advanced molecular techniques are utilised in combination with traditional culture in the diagnostic laboratory.

The department provides a liaison service to all clinical areas within UCLH, advising on issues of infection diagnosis, result validation, authorisation and interpretation in addition to clinical management in terms of antimicrobials and other interventions. The department is closely involved in matters related to infection prevention and control and provides a lead role working with others such as the infectious diseases and pharmacy teams to deliver antimicrobial stewardship services for UCLH, with the aim of reducing spread and emergence of antimicrobial-resistant organisms.

The department is the tertiary centre in the London ‘Bloomsbury Infection Training Hub’ for specialty training in Medical Microbiology.

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The Microbiology laboratory services at UCLH are deliverered by Health Services Laboratories, based at the Halo Building, 1 Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9AJ, a consolidated laboratory delivering services for three NHS trusts as well as the private sector.