Professional background

Consultant in microbiology and infection at UCLH since 2000

Divisional clinical director for pathology from 2007 to 2009

Divisional clinical director for infection from 2009 - present

Senior lecturer in microbiology St Thomas' Hospital 1994 - 1999


Research interests

  • Infection in the immunosuppressed (not HIV)
  • Infection in haematological malignancy
  • Invasive fungal infection
  • Infection in neurosurgery
  • Infection in orthopedic surgery
  • Culture and behaviour of H
  • hospital staff in relation to infection control
  • Hospital design and infection control
  • Development of alternatives to alcohol and chlorine for control of hospital acquired infection
  • Translational implementation of infection control strategies and products


Selected publications (out of > 80, published or in press):


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  • The Application of Neural Networks to Clinical Medicine. eds. Dybowski R and Gant VA. 493pp. Cambridge University Press. July 2007. ISBN: 9780521001335