We have two pension schemes for our staff: NHS Pensions Scheme and National Employment Savings Trust (NEST).

UCLH is a member of the NHS Pension Scheme, which is generally considered to be one of the most advantageous schemes for employees. If you are eligible you will be automatically enrolled into the NHS Pension Scheme when you start working at UCLH. 

  • The scheme is open to all NHS workers between the age of 16 and 75, who are directly employed by the NHS, are medical, dental and ophthalmic practitioners and trainees, are general medical practice staff, are staff working for certain approved employers, or are non-general practice providers.
  • There are eleven rates of member contribution, ranging from 5.1 per cent of pensionable pay for the lowest earners to 13.5 per cent of pensionable pay for the highest.
  • As your employer we contribute 14.38 per cent to the scheme.
  • Contributions are taken from your pay before tax so you receive tax relief on the amount you pay.
  • Some pension schemes are comparable enough with the NHS Pension Scheme that contributions from other schemes can be transferred into the NHS Pension Scheme and vice versa.

Click here to visit the pension agency website for more information

National Earnings Saving Trust - NEST

If you do not qualify for the NHS Pension Scheme, you may be eligible to join the alternative pension scheme NEST. If you meet certain criteria, you will be automatically enrolled.

Click here to visit the NEST website for more information.