Professional background

Manuel Rodriguez–Justo is a consultant pathologist at UCL hospitals. He graduated in Madrid (Spain) and trained in histopathology at University Hospital of Getafe (Madrid) and the Royal Marsden Hopsital (London).

Manuel has completed his MSc in the molecular oncology and molecular basis of cancer (European School of Oncology) and currently he is doing a MD in colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease (Cancer Research UK and University College London).

Manuel is the histopathologist lead in the upper gastro-intestinal tumour board (North London) and member of the professional executive and quality assurance group for the bowel cancer screening programme.

Research interests

His main clinical and research interests are gastrointestinal pathology (inflammatory bowel disease and colo-rectal cancer) and haematopathology (new diagnostic and prognostic markers in lymphomas and myelomas).

Manuel is clinical editor of the journal Clinical Medical Literature – Colo-rectal cancer.


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