Professional background

Miss Ghada Salman works as a consultant gynaecologist at the Gynaecology Diagnostic and Outpatient Treatment Unit at University College London Hospitals. After qualifying in 1994, she specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, undertaking postgraduate training in North-West London including Chelsea and Westminster and Queen Charlotte hospitals, and developing a specialist interest in benign gynaecology, emergency gynaecology and early pregnancy care before becoming a consultant in 2011.

She has also completed a master’s degree (MSc) in the Ultrasound of Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy at King’s College London University. In addition to early pregnancy scan and management, Miss Salman manages patients with a wide range of benign gynaecological conditions including fibroids, adenomyosis, heavy or irregular periods and ovarian cysts. She also has a special interest and expertise in urological mesh scanning, and she is part of the London Complex Mesh Centre. She also performs different gynaecological surgeris including open, laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery and she is the current clinical Audit lead for Gynaecology at University College Hospital.

Miss Salman is an active committee member of the British Society for Gynaecological Imaging (BSGI) and has published many papers and presented her work on early pregnancy, gynaecological ultrasound, and endoscopic gynaecology both nationally and internationally. She is also the author of numerous scientific chapters and papers in this field.

Research interests

  • Benign gynaecology
  • Early pregnancy
  • Ultrasound


Book chapters:

  • Ectopic Pregnancy and Pregnancy of Unknown Location. Ultrasound in Assisted Reproduction and Early Pregnancy. Taylor and Francis group (2020).
  • Ectopic pregnancy and pregnancy of unknown location. Managing Ultrasonography in human reproduction. A Practical Handbook. Springer International Publishing (2017).
  • Ectopic pregnancy. Obstetrics and Gynaecology: An Evidence-Based Text for MRCOG. Third edition. Taylor and Francis group. CRC press (2016).

Other publications:

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