Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2019.209 239 and 252 254 and 263 286 Response
Ref no FOI.2019.547 Response
Ref no-FOI.2018.654 Response Info Supplied
Ref no FOI.2023.0750 Response FOI/2023/0750 - Treatment for non-small cell lung cancer Cancer
Ref no FOI.2023.0780 Response FOI/2023/0780 - Critical Care Outreach service/ Call 4 Concern Trust services
Ref no FOI.2024.0369 Response FOI/2024/0269 - Paediatric audiology services Trust services
Ref no FOI.2024.0465 Response
Ref no FOI.2024.0465 Response
FOI201703Response FOI201703 Patients treated for cancer; car parking facilities for visiting families Patient treatment 03/01/2017
FOI201701Response FOI201701 Storage of configuration environments Information technology 03/01/2017
FOI201702Response FOI201702 Trust Guidelines for Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) Prophylaxis in Surgical Patients Patient treatment 03/01/2017
FOI201705Response FOI201705 Cost of agency midwives Human resources 04/01/2017
FOI201706Response FOI201706 Use of dummy appointments Patients 04/01/2017
FOI201707Response FOI201707 Traffic accidents involving cyclists Patients 05/01/2017
FOI201708Response FOI201708 Business case for Epic Finance 05/01/2017
FOI201709Response FOI201709 Various services; annual accounts Finance 05/01/2017
FOI201711Response FOI201711 Systems used for BACS and direct debit payments Information technology 06/01/2017
FOI201714Response FOI201714 Numbers of endoscopies Patient treatment 09/01/2017
FOI201713Response FOI201713 Trust use of the British Red Cross Patient treatment 09/01/2017
FOI201715Response FOI201715 Deceased patients with no next of kin and public health funerals Patients 09/01/2017
FOI201716Response FOI201716 Numbers of stillbirths Patient treatment 10/01/2017
FOI201718Response FOI201718 Presciption of heroine and/or cocaine Patient treatment 10/01/2017
FOI201720Response FOI201720 Electronic patient information systems Information technology 11/01/2017
FOI201721Response FOI201721 Sub-occipital fusion surgery Patient treatment 11/01/2017
FOI201723Response FOI201723 Research Ethics committee Research and development 11/01/2017
FOI201725Response FOI201725 Female genital mutilation Patient treatment 12/01/2017
FOI201724Response FOI201724 Hospital acquired infections Patients 12/01/2017
FOI201726Response FOI201726 Suppliers and costs of cannulas, fetal blood smapling, haemorrhoid banding devices Procurement 13/01/2017
FOI201729Response FOI201729 Cranio cervical instability Patient treatment 16/01/2017
FOI201730Response FOI201730 Cancelled cancer operations Patient treatment 16/01/2017
FOI201731Response FOI201731 Multiple sclerosis patients treated with MS disease modifying drugs Patient treatment 16/01/2017
FOI201732Response FOI201732 Occupational Therapy lead Human resources 16/01/2017
FOI201736Response FOI201736 Clinical effectiveness Clinical governance 18/01/2017
FOI201738Response FOI201738 Patient safety within maternity services Patient safety 19/01/2017
FOI201739Response FOI201739 CCG contracts and payment by results Commissioning 19/01/2017
FOI201741Response FOI201741 Referrals for labiaplasty Patient treatment 19/01/2017
FOI201742Response FOI201742 Google DeepMind Imaging 19/01/2017
FOI201745Response FOI201745 Bowel care management for patients with spinal cord injuries Patient treatment 23/01/2017
FOI201747Response FOI201747 Amount spent on agency, temporary or locum Human resources 23/01/2017
FOI201746Response FOI201746 Contact details for the IT integration manager Human resources 23/01/2017
FOI201743Response FOI201743 Continuous renal replacement therapy modalities in intensive care/critical care Patient treatment 23/01/2017
FOI201751Response FOI201751 Small suppliers to the NHS Procurement 24/01/2017
FOI201749Response FOI201749 Contact details for heads of midwifery, neonatal services, bereavement services Human resources 24/01/2017
FOI201748Response FOI201748 Staffing in the Pharmacy department Human resources 24/01/2017
FOI201754Response FOI201754 Delayed discharges Patients 25/01/2017
FOI201756Response FOI201756 Cardiology catheteristation laboratory Cardiac Services 25/01/2017
FOI201755Response FOI201755 Electronic medical records Information technology 25/01/2017
FOI201753Response FOI201753 Female genital mutilaton Patient treatment 25/01/2017
FOI201758Response FOI201758 Clinical and non-clinical staff aged 55 or over Human resources 26/01/2017
FOI201765Response FOI201765 Prisoners and mental health Patients 26/01/2017