Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2019.209 239 and 252 254 and 263 286 Response
Ref no FOI.2019.547 Response
Ref no-FOI.2018.654 Response Info Supplied
FOI2017257Response FOI2017257 Public health funerals Bereavement services 07/04/2017
Ref no FOI.2020.0106 Response FOI/2020/0106 - Bereavement service Bereavement services 04/02/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0177 Response FOI/2020/0177 - Bereavement services Bereavement services 05/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2019.19 Response FOI/2019/19 Skin cancer MDTs Cancer 09/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.50 Response FOI/2019/50 Guidelines post colonoscopy Cancer 22/01/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.117 Response FOI/2019/117 Brain tumour patient operations Cancer 18/02/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.403 Response FOI/2019/403 Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Cancer 30/05/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.450 Response FOI/2019/450 Patient diagnosis of breast cancer Cancer 18/06/2019
Ref no FOI.2019.535 Response FOI/2019/535 NICE Guidance DG34 Tumour Profiling Test - breast cancer Cancer 18/07/2019
Ref no FOI.2020.0007 Response FOI/2020/0007 - Radical radiotherapy to the breast or chestwall Cancer 05/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0014 Response FOI/2020/0014 - Services for pelvic radiation disease Cancer 06/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0045 Response FOI/2020/0045 - Head and neck cancer treatment Cancer 16/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0072 Response FOI/2020/0072 - Patients diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer Cancer 24/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0091 Response FOI/2020/0091 - Cancer - straight to test Cancer 31/01/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0138 Response FOI/2020/0138 - Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma patients Cancer 14/02/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0200 Response FOI/2020/0200 - Ovarian cancer treatment Cancer 17/03/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0253 Response FOI/2020/0253 - Breast cancer reporting/digital pathology Cancer 06/05/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0267 Response FOI/2020/0267 - Patients treated for head and neck cancer Cancer 19/05/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0287 Response FOI/2020/0287 - Cancer waiting list Cancer 29/05/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0368 Response FOI/2020/0368 - Proton beam therapy centre Cancer 22/07/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0409 Response FOI/2020/0409 - Number of cancelled cancer operations since March 2020 Cancer 10/08/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0514 Response FOI/2020/0514 - Prostate cancer diagnosis Cancer 08/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0534 Response FOI/2020/0534 - Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer (H&N) and Renal Cancer (RCC) Cancer 19/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0601 Response FOI/2020/0601 - Number of operable cancers of any type diagnosed in patients of all ages Cancer 23/11/2020
Ref no FOI.2021.0055 Response FOI/2021/0055 - Support for family members of patients with cancer Cancer 01/02/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0101 Response FOI/2021/0101 - Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer, Renal Cancer and Colorectal Cancer Cancer 22/02/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0220 Response FOI/2021/0220 - Cancer referrals Cancer 21/04/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0278 Response FOI/2021/0278 - Cancer referrals Cancer 10/05/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0322 Response FOI/2021/0322 - Incidence and treatment of breast cancer Cancer 01/06/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0349 Response FOI/2021/0349 - Cancer treatment Cancer 11/06/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0364 Response FOI/2021/0364 - Proton Beam Therapy unit/ machine Cancer 17/06/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0436 Response FOI/2021/0436 - Oesophageal and gastric cancer Cancer 16/07/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0499 Response FOI/2021/0499 - Cancer pathway started treatment Cancer 17/08/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0571 Response FOI/2021/0571 - Mouth cancer referrals and diagnosis Cancer 24/09/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0608 Response FOI/2021/0608 - Patients treated for breast cancer Cancer 20/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2021.0614 Response FOI/2021/0614 - Chemotherapy units staffing treating adults with cancer Cancer 22/10/2021
Ref No FOI.2021.0602 Response FOI/2021/0602 - Chemotherapy units staffing treating adults with cancer Cancer 19/10/2021
Ref no FOI.2022.0013 Response FOI/2022/0013 - Cancer referrals Cancer 10/01/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0048 Response FOI/2022/0048 - Cancer deaths in relation to Covid-19 Cancer 22/01/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0091 Response FOI/2022/0091 - Pancreatic cancer Cancer 16/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0097 Response FOI/2022/0097 - Incidence and treatment of breast cancer Cancer 18/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0119 Response FOI/2022/0119 - Chemotherapy for patients with osteosarcoma Cancer 28/02/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0250 Response FOI/2022/0250 - Number of staff employed and number of new patients diagnosed for breast, colorectal, head and neck and oesophageal cancer Cancer 27/04/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0362 Response FOI/2022/0362 - Breast cancer therapies Cancer 22/06/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0402 Response FOI/2022/0402 - Breast Cancer patients (any stage) treatments Cancer 08/07/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0427 Response FOI/2022/0427 - Oesophageal and gastric cancer treatment Cancer 18/07/2022
Ref no FOI.2022.0456 Response FOI/2022/0456 - Treatment of renal cell carcinoma Cancer 01/08/2022