Professional background

Dr Windsor is a paediatrician with a sub-specialist interest in oncology. She works within the Children and Young People’s Cancer Service at UCLH, specialising in the treatment of children and young people with bone and soft tissue sarcoma.

She completed her MD Res in the pharmacogenomics of osteosarcoma chemotherapy and is actively involved in an ongoing international collaboration. Her other clinical interest is long term effects of cancer treatment and she am one of the core clinicians within the UCLH late effects service.

Research interests

Dr Windsor is the Joint CRN specialty research lead for Cancer - Children, Sarcoma and Teenage and Young Adults. She is a member of the NCRI TYA CSG and Biological Studies Subgroup. She is also a working group member of PanCare, a pan-European network that aims to reduce the frequency, severity and impact of late side effects of the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer.


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