Professional background

Mr Russo is a consultant spinal neurosurgeon specialising in complex spinal reconstructive surgery. He has been a consultant in the NHS since 2012. His NHS practice is based at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery Queen Square, University College Hospitals London, UK. He is a core member of the London sarcoma multidisciplinary Team.

Mr Russo is dual trained in orthopaedic spine surgery and neurosurgical spine surgery. Following his neurosurgical training, he successfully completed advanced spinal surgery fellowships in prestigious centres in the USA, UK and Japan.

Mr Russo performs complex anterior, anterolateral, posterolateral and posterior approaches, decompression of the spinal cord and nerve roots and reconstruction of the spine from the occiput to the pelvis.

Mr Russo's special interests include:

  • tumours of the spine: extradural spinal tumours, bone tumours of the spine, paravertebral tumours, intradural spinal tumours, spinal metastasis
  • complex cervical spine surgery
  • reconstructive surgery for adult spinal deformity (scoliosis, kyphosis) of the lumbar spine, cervical spine and thoracic spine
  • revision complex spinal reconstruction surgery (operations for patients with failed previous spinal surgery)
  • anterior reconstruction of the spine (cervical and thoracolumbar spine)
  • lumbo-pelvic spinal reconstruction
  • primary spinal infection like spinal tuberculosis, spinal osteomyelitis and discitis requiring complex spinal reconstruction
  • spinal trauma causing chronic spinal deformity
  • complex degenerative conditions of the spine.

Research interests

Surgical anatomy and approaches

Languages spoken

Italian, Japanese


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