Professional background

Charlotte is an audiovestibular physician and works in the department of neuro-otology at the University College London Hospital.

She trained as the clinical lecturer in neuro-otology at the NHNN and her main interest is balance disorders, both in the adult and paediatric population.

Charlotte has a university medical degree from the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden), a PhD in otorhinolaryngology from the Karolinska Institute and an MSc in audiovestibular medicine from UCL (London). She is a module co-ordinator on the MSc in audiovestibular medicine (UCL) and is actively involved in regional and national organisations working with education and training.

Charlotte is an honorary senior research associate in the Department of Neuro-Immunology, Institute of Neurology (London).

Research interests

  • Immune-mediated inner ear disorders
  • Menière’s disease


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