The day care service provides for red cell patients and offers a multitude of services including:

  • Blood tests
  • Blood transfusion and venesection
  • Red Cell Exchange transfusion, both manual and automated
  • Administration of certain medications e.g. pamidronate
  • A walk in service for red cell patients with health related problems
  • Advice over the telephone where appropriate
  • Management of indwelling lines e.g. vortex ports and portacaths.

Location and opening times

  • Day care is situated on the fourth floor of the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre and is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm (the last appointment for blood tests is at 6.45pm).
  • Known red cell patients will only be seen in day care up until 4pm at which time patients will be redirected to the Emergency Department.
  • Out of hours services: All patients with red cell disorders experiencing pain or health related problems are advised to go to the Emergency Department after 4pm on weekdays and always on weekends.

Unwell patients

Patients who are medically unwell are admitted to a clinical area as soon as possible. Patients are advised to attend the Emergency Department if they are significantly unwell. If they have done so, the red cell team will be told of their imminent attendance in the Emergency Department.

Patients presenting in day care mildly unwell will be

  • Seen by a doctor
  • Offered pain killers (analgesia) and IV fluids as necessary
  • Investigated for any underlying cause which may include blood tests, scans and/or x-rays, referrals to other specialists
  • Additional medication if required
  • Follow up appointment :
    • Outpatient clinic (book if not already scheduled, bring forward if necessary)
    • A return visit to day care or the GP may be required

Contact details


Haematology Daycare
UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre
Huntley Street

Patient Enquiries
Telephone: 0203 4479702

Service manager - Helen Keane