Term: 01/09/2021 – 31/08/2024

I read and enjoyed Psychology, Philosophy and Physiology at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, followed by a year at London University’s Institute of Psychiatry, studying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Abnormal Psychology. My first job was at Leeds University, as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry. I carried out research for a PhD, examining the psychological effects of focal brain lesions. There followed a post-doctoral Fellowship at Harvard University. I returned to working in Psychology departments in Leicester and London universities, supervising both experimental and clinical research projects.

Over some years, I served as Psychologist on Civil Service selection boards, assessing candidates for a range of services including the Home Civil Service, Diplomatic Service, Inland Revenue and Ministry of Defence. I also served for six years in a voluntary capacity as an Independent Custody Visitor to police stations in Camden.  Following retirement, I was elected as the members’ representative to the Council of the Royal Institution.

On the personal side, I married late to a long-standing friend, with whom I made memorable and varied study trips. Sadly, Peter died in 2015. My encounters with UCLH in the ‘patient’ role of the Patient Governor are becoming somewhat more frequent but I intend them not to endanger my enthusiastic engagement.