RESPOND is a new rapid access, community-based screening and care planning service for all asylum-seeker families registered with a GP in Camden. 

The service is designed for adults and children of asylum-seeking families living in Camden in temporary Home Office-funded accommodations.

Please note unaccompanied asylum-seeking children aged up to 17 years should receive health screening at their looked after children (LAC) health assessments.

Lone adult asylum seekers can access health services via existing locally commissioned services in primary care.

Complex cases requiring expert input will be referred for review and discussion at a virtual specialist migrant health MDT hosted by UCLH. Specialists contributing to MDT discussions include representatives from CAMHS, adult mental health, general and/or developmental paediatrics and the Hospital for Tropical Diseases.

Where needed, patients will be booked to see a GP to review health needs identified at screening. Children and young people (ages 0-17 years) with complex health needs will be reviewed at an integrated paediatric/GP clinic. 

Following completion of screening, all families seen in a Respond clinic will be discussed at a local care planning meeting with key-community stakeholders. A draft IMHP (integrated migrant health care plan) will be drawn up. This document will summarise the health and well-being needs identified via the Respond screening programme and outline a plan for how these needs should be met. The IMHP will improve health information sharing and care planning when asylum seeking families are moved to alternative geographical areas.

What should I do when I see a family/child/adult who is an asylum seeker? 

The best way to help this vulnerable population is to encourage them to register at their local GP practice as soon as possible. Staff at their accommodation should be able to help them with this. Unfortunately, it is not possible to refer directly to the service from secondary specialist services or A&E. 

What should I do if I see an Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Child/UASC (age 0-17 years)?

All UASC aged 17 years and under should be looked after by the local authority and therefore have an allocated social worker. If not done so already, an initial health assessment should be requested by a UASC’s social worker. This will allow a UASC to access a similar package of health screening and care planning. 

What should I do if I see an asylum seeker who is identified as lone adult in the UK?

Encourage them to register with a GP practice in Camden. From there, they can be referred to the HTD Travel Clinic for health review and infection screening.

Service management


Currently, this service is being delivered at Prince of Wales GP centre and it will be soon launched at James Wigg GP centre. Exact location details are listed below: 

Prince of Wales GP
52 Prince of Wales Road
W5 3LN

James Wigg GP
2 Bartholomew Road