At UCLH we recognise how blood disease can affect the lives of patients and those close to them. In response to this we provide support, information and advice to help you address some of these issues. Our support services are available to:

  • Patients with blood cancer
  • Patients with non-cancer blood disease
  • Family members, carers and friends of patients

Having a serious physical illness can be a stressful experience that is difficult to cope with for patients and their families. Some people find it helpful to talk with a trained professional about how they are feeling, the support they need and how to better cope in living with their illness.

The HPCS is a newly established psychology and counselling service available to all UCLH haematology patients and their families to help them better manage the impact illness can have on their lives.

The team is made up of specialist psychologists and counsellors experienced in working with people with serious physical health problems who use a variety of different talking treatments to explore and better understand people’s thoughts and feelings about being ill and about receiving medical treatment, so that they feel better able to cope with the demands they face.

The team works with individuals, couples, families and groups and can meet with people either on inpatient wards, in outpatient clinics or during treatment in daycare.

People who would like to be seen within the service can be referred by their medical team, ward staff, through the Macmillan Support and Information Service or by contacting the HPCS team themselves.

Direct line: 02034478872


On the ground floor of the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre, you’ll find the Macmillan Support and Information Service (MSIS).

Here the experienced team of NHS staff and trained volunteers provide emotional support, information and practical advice, whether you’re a UCLH patient, family member, friend or carer. They offer welfare and benefits advice, so that you’ll be able to claim the financial support you’re entitled to. This can be through a referral or in the walk in service. Sometimes people need more specialist psychological support and we can refer you to a clinical psychologist if needed.

The living room is a calm and relaxing area where you can speak to our helpful staff, meet other people or simply gather your thoughts. The staff and volunteers are here to listen and offer individual, emotional support whatever your circumstances. Please feel free to drop in to talk to someone, have a cup of tea, pick up some free resources or book onto one of our classes.

You’re also welcome to join our programme of activities aimed at helping to manage your emotional wellbeing and physical symptoms. Group activities include creative art, creative word, relaxation and yoga (pre-booking is often required for the group sessions). Complementary therapies are also available including massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and Reiki. We also run a wig service wig service to all patients treated at UCLH who have experienced hair loss as a result of their condition or treatment.

For further information, see the Macmillan Support and Information Service

The Haematology Support Group meets every other month on a Wednesday evening. The group provides a relaxed space where patients can meet and share information, ask questions of specialist staff and be supportive to each other at any stage of their journey within Haematology.

The group is jointly facilitated by Sheila Hegarty, Haematology Counsellor, and Daphne Earl, Patient and Volunteer. The first half of the session is usually led by a speaker on an issue or topic of interest to the group. The second half allows for members to update each other and share anything they may wish to with the group.

For further information please call 020 3447 8663.