Nursing and midwifery education 

Pre-registration Nursing and Midwifery Education

UCLH is committed to ensuring that learning in practice for pre-registration nursing and midwifery students reflects Trust objectives in delivering the highest standard of care to our patients. We regard students as potentially part of our future workforce and wish to support them in acquiring the necessary values, attitude, compassion, knowledge and skills needed to be fit for practice and purpose.

  • Midwifery Work Experience

    The Maternity Education team offer shadowing and work experience within the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) Wing as part of a structured annual Midwifery Summer School.

    The Summer School takes place over a week in August and provides candidates with the opportunity to explore their own learning needs, set clear goals and experience the world of Midwifery.

    The Midwifery Summer School is aimed at school leavers, aged 16 and above who are thinking about a career in midwifery. Being a part of the Summer School will help you to broaden your understanding of pregnancy, childbirth and the teams that care for women and their families.

    Our next Midwifery Summer School will take place in August 2018. If you would like to be considered for a place on the Midwifery Summer School 2018, please download and complete the application form and send to Elizabeth Adaci, Divisional PA Midwifery ( Please be aware that spaces are very limited.

    We are unfortunately unable to provide any additional work experiences placements outside of the opportunities provided by the Midwifery Summer School at this time.

  • The Adult and Child Branch student nurse experience at UCLH

    UCLH works in partnership with London South Bank, City and Kings College London Universities. Adult and child branch nursing students have the opportunity to learn and develop in a variety of clinical environments across up to 8 of the hospital sites within UCLH in both inpatient & outpatient settings.

    The students’ annual evaluations reflect their excitement and passion for learning in such diverse environments. Students are valued as important members of the nursing and multidisciplinary team and this is reflected in our commitment within our pre-registration education strategy launched in 2012. As part of this strategy, there is a lead mentor or a student link nurse in all clinical areas. Their main responsibility is to champion education and support for students and the mentoring team as part of the gold standard placement experience. We continue to support and invest in nurses who have a passion for pre-registration mentoring. We have also published a student and mentor charter which is accessible to all practice learning areas, mirroring our UCLH vision and values.

    UCLH provides all students with a 2 day dedicated induction. This covers a range of topics including: dementia awareness, Infection control, caring for the deteriorating patient and medicine safety. This enables students to gain an understanding of the hospital environment they will be working in for the duration of their pre-registration nursing course. This professional development continues throughout their clinical placements with access to in house training, and other learning opportunities. Their voice is a valuable input within the trust and this is encouraged through participation in strategic level activities such as CQC forums, audits, membership on Nursing and Midwifery Board, shadowing opportunities with Senior Leaders within the teams.

  • Support for students at UCLH

    There are dedicated pre-registration practice education teams who work to ensure that student nurse & midwifery learning in clinical placements at UCLH reflects Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) standards of proficiency, and the Higher Education Institute's (HEI) current curriculum provision. They also work collaboratively with academic colleagues to facilitate the training and support for mentors across UCLH. Achieving this high standard requires the continuous support and development of practice-based mentors in line with ‘Standards to Support Learning in Practice’ (NMC 2008). This strong commitment to mentorship support is reflected in our mandatory training and support for co-mentors, mentors and ‘sign-off’ mentors.

    The education team for students comprises of lead nurses for pre-registration nursing and midwifery, practice educators, link lecturers and clinical practice mentors, who ensure that all students are achieving their potential whilst receiving   support to reflect on learning experiences, escalate concerns, highlight areas of excellent practice and identify areas for professional development.

  • Elective placements

    UCLH aims to offer a maximum of six elective places a year in addition to our host students. Students requesting an elective placement experience need to apply to the lead nurse for pre-registration education. Consideration needs to be given to the number of students on placement when a request is made. The request needs to be completed at least six months in advance to facilitate administrative work and planning of the clinical placement experience. Prospective elective placement students are required to send a CV, covering letter outlining the time of placement, area of interest and objectives to be achieved.

  • Return to Practice

    UCLH in partnership with City University provide opportunities for nurses to undertake the Return to Practice programme following successful application and recruitment to the course.
  • Band 1-4 Nursing and Midwifery Education

    UCLH has a dedicated Band 1-4 Development Nurse who is responsible for supporting our Nursing and Midwifery assistants with their professional development and career progression. . This involves delivering bespoke in-house development days and working with our education partners to provide access to work based health care qualifications. 

    We deliver the Care Certificate to all our Band 1-4 Clinical staff to help them to provide safe and compassionate care through meetings the standards. For new starters this happens as part of their induction alongside a clinical skills induction programme to equip them with the right skills and knowledge for the role.

    We also offer apprenticeship programmes to staff who want to gain a work related health qualification. Staff complete this programme whilst working to further develop their skills and knowledge in their area of practice and widen their access to career opportunities

  • Post Graduate Nursing and Midwifery Education

  • Practice development

    UCLH has a Senior Nurse for Post Graduate Education who along with a dedicated team of Clinical Practice Facilitators are responsible for leading and driving practice development . Our aim is to enable nurses and midwives to maximise their potential and ability through continuous professional development to deliver a patient centred service that aligns to the vision, objectives and values of the Trust. This is achieved by providing expert clinical knowledge, education, training, facilitation and supervision opportunities.
  • Preceptorship

    The Trust recognises the importance of preceptorship as it supports the drive to place ‘quality at the heart of everything we do in healthcare’. We have a structured preceptorship programme designed to be commenced at the start of employment, to help enable newly qualified nurses and midwives to apply the knowledge, skills and competences acquired as students, into their area of practice as autonomous and confident professionals, laying a solid foundation for life-long learning. This is led by our Clinical Practice Facilitator for preceptorship.
  • Careers Clinic & Transfer Process

    The Careers Clinic and Transfer Process are unique to UCLH. Nursing Assistants (Bands 2, 3 and 4) and Nurses (Bands 5 and 6) can now apply for a sideways transfer to another area within the Trust. Staff can now forecast their career path allowing them to develop their clinical skills and knowledge whilst enhancing professional goals. In addition, duplicated efforts from all parties normally involved in a recruitment process will be eliminated in most cases or reduced (depending on speciality) and instead replaced with a streamlined and seamless process.

    Additionally, we also offer staff a Careers Clinic resource which enables staff to seek professional careers advice and is tailored to an individual’s circumstance.

    To find out more information, please email 

Althia Turner - staff nurse